Wilbur the Gay Unicorn

Wilbur the Gay Unicorn, the second book in The World of Ralph Pincus series, will be available in November.

I haven't set a firm date yet because I'm trying to generate interest in my work by building up a subscriber base for my mailing list. The first book in the series, Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire, will be free for a limited time to help out with that.

UPDATE (January 5, 2016): I set a firm date. It was November 19th. The ebook version of Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire is still free at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo, and Noisetrade. 

Website Redesign

I redesigned my website because the previous version lived up to the first word of its domain name.

The "News" page used to be titled "Blog-ish." This information is only of use to the dozens of spambots who have subscribed to my RSS feed.

I deleted all but one of the previous "News" entries because I reread them.

I kept the entry "serialization: the failed experiment"  to prevent the handful of people who bought Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire when it was broken into two books from buying it again. 

When I created this website, I planned to blog here regularly. That was before I realized I really don't have much to say.

I'll use this page for any relevant updates concerning my books. I can finally use the plural of book because Wilbur the Gay Unicorn is finished and will be available in November of this year.


serialization: the failed experiment

Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire Book 1: The Introductions and Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire Book 2: The King, The Virgin, and The Fool are becoming one ebook: Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire. I should have done that a long time ago. That ebook is available on Amazon now. The paperback has been available since December 2013. 

The two halves will not be available separately starting early June 2014. I'll leave them up until then so people can read the reviews they got during the initial free promotion of Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire in late May.

It's been almost a year since I put the first half of Ralph Pincus, Occultist Extraordinaire for sale on Amazon. I had it in my head that serializing the books would help sales. I figured I could whip a 15,000 word novella out every three or four months at a reasonable price and people would really dig it. When the first part didn't sell very well I told myself it was probably because people were waiting for the second part before they dove into the series. Three months later, I put the second part up. I got excited when my work began to form it's own ambient texture. And then I realized it was only crickets.

The third book in The World of Ralph Pincus series continued to get delayed because Ralph Pincus and his cohorts aren't paying my bills. Then it was March 2014. I was already 2 months behind schedule. I hated the third book. It was too silly even for me.

I had a breakthrough on the third book in the series (now the second book). It should be available in October 2014 and at least as long as the first book (32,000 words). The title will be Wilbur the Gay Unicorn. 

Serialization might work for someone else, but I have three enormous strikes against me:

Strike 1: No one knows who I am

Strike 2: I'm unpleasant and weird (I believe the clinical term for my condition is antisocial)


Strike 3: I have no social media presence whatsoever (it kind of goes hand-in-hand with the antisocial thing)

I'll keep the previous blog posts relating to the separately published halves as a record of what I was thinking at those moments in time on the off-chance anyone is interested. The posts are a little embarrassing, but I lack shame, so they won't bother me too much.